What is the next step after the playsms installation on ubuntu

Hi, I just finished my playsms installation on ubuntu based on this tutorial. https://antonraharja.com/2016/07/22/playsms-1-4-on-ubuntu-16-04-with-php-7-0/

I would like to sent message but I ran out idea what to next. Do I have to link playsms with other software in order to sent message? Have anyone tried this on malaysia?

Btw, I want to use jasmin as my gateway, have anyone done this?

Hi Syafiq,

What kind of equipment will you use to send sms? USB GSM modem, GSM Gateway, external carrier? Based on that, you will choose what to do next. Then, you can use Kannel, Gammu, smstools, Jasmin, etc.

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HI Edilson, Can you explain what’s the different between USB GSM modem, GSM Gateway, external carrier?

GSM modem = USB GSM modem to use with carrier´s sim card. Can use one or more.

GSM Gateway = appliance that provides higher density of sim cards, providing sometimes network interfaces, support to http api or even SMPP protocol. E.g. GoIP, Dinstar, etc

“external carrier” = SMS aggregators that provides HTTP API or SMPP protocol acces. E.g. Infobip, Nexmo, Clickatel, etc.

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@Edilson_Spessoto Thanks for your explanation sir. Is there any method that I can use to delivery sms to like 3k audience for free? Im kinda new about this.

Do you can call some phone for free? LOL. SMS is a telecommunication service as any other. You have to pay to use it.

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Hi Edilson
I have also some problem how can i get sms traffic from ip and how its pass to local usb dongle via playsms can you help me regarding this please contact me whatsapp +393898911672