New To PlaySMS Need Help :)

Ive successfully installed playsms 1.4.3 on Ubuntu 18.04, Ive installed on a physical machine at the moment for testing, I also have a Huawei 4G USB Dongle, do I need to install other plugins such as Kannel to send SMS and bulk SMS to real mobile/cell numbers.

Not sure on how to add the dongle to playsms and assign to dev for sending.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

If you want to use your own sms usb-dongle/hardware/terminal you need to install and configure eg kannel, gammu. Both are integrated with playsms with plugins (SMSC/Gateway configuration). There’s multiple howto’s available eg:
I ended up with gammu because it was the only one i could manage to both send and receive danish chars: æøåÆØÅ

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Thank you so much for the reply!!

I shall take a look at them both and see if I can get some sms sent :slight_smile:

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