Send SMS using android App + PlaySMS

Hi Everyone,

I would like the thank the community for this amazing project!
I have installed playsms + kannel but I don’t own any GSM modem and would like to send sms from my android phone. I didn’t find any information about it?
Does the PlaySms Android app support this feature?
Can I use the Android Phone as a gateway? Can I use more than one phone? (in my country every sim can only send one sms every 8 seconds)

Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

Hey everybody? Can someone please help me?
Is anybody outhere using SMSsync app to send sms from an android phone (using it as a gateway?)

I really need help of experts here!

SMSsync will only sync sms between playsms and your app, but it is not for enabling mobile device as used as modem AFAIK.

Take a look at: Android gateway with