How to send message

how to send sms after installation is complete? in compose, my message go to queue (alert : queue 1, failed 0). But how to send it? Thanks.

  1. adjust or configure access to your gateway (Settings–> Manage gateway and SMSC)
  2. adjust or configure the route for sms (Settings–> Route outgoing SMS)
    If the problem persists after --> look for errors in logs of your gateway and playsms.

thank you for your reply viktor, but on outgoing route, what is we fill in the blank ‘destination name’ and ‘prefix’? after this i can send message? how can i connect my modem or phone to playsms?

No, you can’t.
Sorry, I thought you have already configured gateway)))
Try to use any gateway of supported by PlaySMS.
For example Gammu, Jasmin, Kannel or SMS Server Tools 3.
When can you send sms from your gateway you should try to configure PlaySMS.

we must install the gateway (Gammu, Kannel) separately? i see there is include gateway on playsms ? Can you explain with complete explanation? glad to your help viktor.

I know that you can install Kannel to the localhost or to other machine (localhost better). Don’t know exactly about Gammu.

No, PlaySMS has some plugins for work with different gateways.

What kind of linux distro do you use? Webserver? How you want to send sms (SMPP, GSM)?

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i use ubuntu, my server is apache, i want to send sms with GSM, the main question is How to configure the gateway? and connect it to playsms? you can explain as your experience. Thanks viktor.

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You can try to use this manual for understanding how to install Kannel and this manual for understanding how to configure Kannel for GSM modems. Thanks to Anton for both manuals. The main problem for you could be “init-string” for your modem. There are many different options for different modems.
I’m glad to help.