Ideas missed from playsms


With reference to our discussion via this thread [solved] Not able to send via smpp with kannel I would like to mentioned you that the following points are missed from playsms:

  1. Sending balancing “Example I have 2 smpp defined in kannel, I don’t want to deploy all outbound from one SMPP defined in the route SMS, I want to send 1000 from the first smpp when it reach 1000 sending the second 1000 or 2000 from the second SMPP connection and so on…”

  2. I noticed that there is already Nexom defined as gateways to send SMS but they have a service called Voice Message so how I can use it alought I have Voice Message API?

  3. This is most important at all. how I can scan the SMS before deploying it? Example I some illegal words must be reviewed by the admin in order to be approved such as “A call for a demonstration on Monday” it should be pending until we approve it.

  4. How I can add a new gateway? I noticed that there is no GUI to add gateways, we are using only the defined.

I will post more in different replies in order to avoid the huge points.


Are those questions ? or wishlist or suggestion ?

To answer some of them:

  1. sending mechanism like this is not available right now
  2. you cannot use voice message with playSMS right now
  3. you need to code a plugin for that
  4. same thing, you need to code a gateway, usually by using existing gateway and modify it, or use generic gateway plugin


Thank you for your immediate response.

Is there a online document for the plugins?

how to modify an existing gateway from code and how to use the generic plugin? I need to learn both


Any updates please?

Can I set route for account? or there is only globally routing?