Call Forwarding

Hi all

I’m looking for a solution that will send and receive SMS AND forward calls to another number. This is because we send/receive SMS from clients and employees, but they often call the number.

What we’re trying to do is make this manageable without swapping a physical phone between people or using. I understand PlaySMS solves this problem for SMS, but not sure what happens when someone calls the number?

I understand PlaySMS is an interface, and it’s probably a gateway thing, but I’m asking here because I believe there are a broad range of experts.

Are you using some GSM gateway? If yes, maybe you can manage to get desired behaviour on it. Gateways like goIP, for example, offer such features.

Thanks for the reply. Ideally, yes, I’d like to use a hardware GSM Gateway that can forward calls, and be compatible with PlaySMS for sending and receiving SMS. Can you suggest any?

Yes, sure. GoIP can do the job. It connects to playSMS through SMPP, using Kannel

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