GOIP Gateway integration

Hi Folks,

I have this GSM gateway (GOIP) that has an API (http/json).

What’s the best approach to integrate with PlaySMS?


build a new gateway, see plugin/gateway/openvox


Hi Anton,

Can I sponsor this development? How it works?



Yes you can, please visit: http://playsms.org/sponsorships/


Hi Anton,

We tried to implement the new plugin for the GOIP GSM gateway based on OpenVox. But something is very wrong… I already can send messages… but something is hitting hard the gateway that is rebooting after sent 100 messages… If I try to send directly using the gateway API, I send without problem 100x more without performance issues on gsm gateway.

I can’t find the way to integrate the reports yet… working on it…

You can find the code here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12595649/goip.tar.gz (there is a lot to do yet… don’t use in production env)

Can you help me here @anton? I tried to send an e-mail to sponsor this plugin…


Any luck with integrating GOIP with playsms. Where can we get to the guide of writing are own gateway plugin for playsms?

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hello there @anton am new to this site.
where can i exactly find plugin/gateway/openvox?

Goip has smpp support. You can integrate through kannel