Looking to purchase something like GoIP

Since my server is hosted on VPS, I was looking at a method that would allow me to send using a GoIP like device as a gateway.

On eBay, using this search ebay I found several.

Does anyone have a recommendations for a 8 port stand alone gateway?

Thanks, Bart

My setup for http://playsms.id is as follows:

user ---> playSMS master on VPS ---internet---> playSMS slave at home using Raspberry ---> 2 GSM modems

master-slave link is using playnet gateway module

I tried to use OpenVox (not GoIP) for the same topology (now replaced with playSMS slave) but I found that it was not as stable as current solution. The device may not be tuned for internet, maybe it was designed for LAN where the device and server has a fast and more stable connection (unlike internet). You mileage may vary.