GUIDE: Raspberry PI 2 B And Plasysms + SMStools

Hello Everyone,

I would just inform you all that I have written a guide how I did install my playsms with smstools on my raspberry pi.
And published it here:

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This tutorial gave me a 24/7 SMS server and media center at home :smiley: Thx

and an idea to write new gateway module or improve uplink so that more raspberry PI can be connected and become “modems” from a single playSMS



nice solution, let’s pretend with that we have four (or more) raspberry pi, it would be a bit of fun to make modem 1 and modem 2 each of their own raspberry pi, and so two (or more) playsms servers put in HA cluster, and this communicates to the modem 1 and 2.

With 4 raspberry pi, it would use less than 20 watt per hour.

I just added a new gateway plugin called playnet

basically now I can host playSMS server in datacenter (this is MASTER) and use 1 or more raspberry pi with modems (this is SLAVES) from anywhere as long as SLAVES can connect via internet to MASTER

MASTER don’t need to be able to access (as in browse or fetch URL) from SLAVES, only SLAVES required to have access (able to browse or fetch URL) to MASTER


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This is really nice.
We could then imagine a setup where the master is hosted as you said in datacenter, and then it’s possible to host small raspberry pi’s in different locations / countries to make local communication possible.

Hello good Morning

Install a Raspberry Pi 2 according to the above published guide lines.
I am using a Huawei 3131 exactly as in the example.
No achievement send sms

I need help, maybe in some settings there may be some mistake because I format and three times again and again install everything.

Thanks in advance for help.

I installed playsms of raspberry pi 2 with a serial port modem sim800 (ttyAMA0), what should I do to use the modem on the serial port instead of the USB port?
I try to do if the modem was working properly, I installed picocom, when I send AT commands work correctly, send and receive SMS.
Can you help me?

What firmware version is your Huawei 3131 dongle?
I had to downgrade mine modem, to make sure I could use serial mode.

And smstools will not work with /dev/ttyAMA0 ?

I do not know where to set ttyAMA0. I followed the installation instructions
I’m sorry but I’m just starting out with Linux and raspberry
You could give me instructions as you did in your guide?

in smstools config file

Resolve in smsd.config

How can we downgrade the dongle. I’m having the same issue. Tried even the latest update of SMS Tools 3 and playSMS and still no luck. Can’t find where to downgrade the E3131 dongle.

Find your firmware version.
If you got etc 22.x.x.x.x then download the oldest 22.x.x.x.x you can find, that works.
When you got oldest 22 series firmware, you should be able to downgrade to newest 21. series.

I had to try some different firmware versions before it worked.

This worked for me, I hope it will for you too.
remember there is no guarantee it works.

This site should help you:

I already got 21.521.05.00.110. So I think I’m good to go? But in my setup, its saying red on the Status when you check the “View Log” under “Reports”. So I was thinking probably during the setup? But I followed everything in the guide but still wasn’t able to make it work.

is modem working if you try send sms / recieve with smstools directly?

Can an SMS message be sent through the master so the slaves will send it out on a modem? If so, how do the slaves pick up that message and send it out?