Get started with PlaySMS & RPi

can some one pleace guide me:

I want a Step By Step guide
to how to get playSMS running
on my “Raspberry Pi” working with a
"Wavecom m1305b" over a "USB to RS232"
I have tryed with some guides but without luck.

I have tryed This guide but i cant follow it after “Gateway - SMS Server Tools 3” maby cause they use Huawei and i an using Wavecom.

So pleace a guide from start to functionaly end.

the link is a step by step guide.
so please tell us what you did already and what is not working.
in general the workflow is:
playsms -> smsservertools3 -> gsm

is playsms up and running? are sms delivered to smsservertools3? if so, then you have only to check the modem configuration.


PlaySMS is running
As said earlier, i am sure until "Gateway - SMS Server Tools 3"
Can’t make the “ID: 12d1:1506” part work.

that means:

  1. playsms is up and running
  2. smsservertools3 is up and running
  3. modem is not working yet.

try first to get a valid communication to modem via “minicom”. if that is done, you “simply” can use that device in smsservertools.


Only 1. step.
no servertools3.

and no response on minicom.

ok, then you need to get your modem running. please get help in other forums for that, it is very linux specific and not playsms-related. try to start here:


I am not using a "Huawei"
i am using a “Wavecom M1306B” its a serial rs232 unit
and i cant find a guide for this.

it is the same as in the links, only the path to you rs232-part changes to /dev/something, maybe /dev/ttyS0

remember: with minicom you test the access to that device. all devices under linux are accessed by a file link like /dev/idontknow
if you establish the connection via minicom, then you can use that device for sms server tools as well (same path, e.g. /dev/ttyS1)
so follow that links i posted before, maybe this one (other topic, but focussing on serial connection) helps further:


I’m also same situation, i got some links for install the this modem and it’s worked from me… hope it will help for you…



I have tryed it,
but still can’t make it work.