How to integrate routesms api with playsms

Hi All,

I have installed the Playsms 1.4 version on fedora 25 workstation and its working fine with Gammu Gateway.

But i have bought the http api from Route sms and I want to integrate my routesms http api with playsms now.

Route SMS has provided me the http API to sent messages but i want to usethat API with PlaySMS as PlaySMS has lot of features which i want to use desperately.

Please guide me on this because i had used the generic as a gateway for my http api and it was not sending the message

My route sms API url is like this which i want to intergrate with PlaySMS.******&source=ALTXXX&message=Demo%20Message

if this thing can’t work so that can anyone help us in building the plugin for our Route SMS http API.

Please help us as we will be very thankful to the PlaySMS community.

Please let me know if anything else required for the same.

Hii Team,

Please help as we are in a very crucial phase of our project.