Playsms version 1.5.0 beta5 and smstools

Hi, I’ve installed playsms as user, gave all permissions, and also for smstools, but playsms now seem to write only sent sms into database table (mariadb), smstools plugin is useless, there is a fix to have it working again?

Answered by me. Instaling 1.5.0b5 as playsms user and on php7.2, with some fixes on its daemon (running as service) I finally was able to use play SMS and smstools. All works well!

how did you install the 1.5.0bs and get it up working please

You only have to follow this guide step by step, and at end playsms Will work perfeflctly

But if you want also smstools, you need to compile It and have to edit Little the makefile file into /src/ folder for compatibility problem on newer Linux releases…
And exactly this line:

In the src/Makefile, change the line:
CFLAGS += -W -Wall
CFLAGS += -fcommon

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okay thank you i will followed that and i could see your fedback also

yes, but 1.5.0. b5 has a bug on select destinations on “compose message”, only a 1 item is shown when you search for them, while version 1.4.5 works well, and when you type 2 or more chars to search, it lists all items that contains that characters, so, for now, I’ve installed it with PHP 7.2.

thank you, i could get it up and running now following the link you sent me above with no error, and i want to use it together with jasmin even though i already got jasmin installed also, but have been having issue connecting to jasmin to intergrate to with playsms for sending sms with smpp or any other way i could get my sms to my subscribers

did you visit rhis forum page?

or this video about?

thank you, the forum is informative and i installed the playsms as a root also, i already watched the medium post vids on youtube, but none is it is informative he posted he`s telegram account for contact which is not active and the vid itself is 2 min long, one was only displaying some commands to install playsms and the was just him navigating through playsms GUI after he already installed it

I don’k know for jasmin, with smstools3 and huawey usb 3G modem and sim, all works as expected!

I do not have a 3G modem and sim, thats why i`m trying to work with jasmin or any smpp protocol to send with playsms, maybe i should make more findings about kannel and see if i could get that to work with playsms, thank you for you responses

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