Jasmin as a Gateway

After configuring Jasmin as my SMSC and Gateway, I try to compose outgoing messages SMS-MT But the log on Playsms.log hangs on:

00:05 admin L2 sendsms_queue_push # saved queue_code:cd3a9f8ddc5b3a12fdd1bf2ad37c2e5c smslog_id:6
00:05 admin L2 sendsms # end queue_code:cd3a9f8ddc5b3a12fdd1bf2ad37c2e5c queue_count:1 sms_count:1 failed_queue:0 failed_sms:0


  • Jasmin-SMPP-Connector-log does not log any traffic from the playsms node.
  • My Jasmin-Gateway can send SMS-MT successfully when using the HTTP-API directley and it logs it normally.
  • When using the HTTP-API from the PlaySMS node terminal it succeed in calling the API, which means no network issues maybe
  • The send URL in playsms-jasmin config pannel is set to ‘http://{JASMIN-HOST:1401/send}’ and the api user and password as well

Any help please :slight_smile:

Please read other topics, for example set to logstate 3 (its been like every post I answer with this :slight_smile:) and then, make sure playsmsd and webserver have write access to playsms.log so that both can write whats going on.

playSMS web is the UI for sending SMS, the UI will save data in database, and then playsmsd will read the database, and then actually send it to designated smsc.

your pasted log above showing the web side of playSMS, after that it should be followed by log entries from playsmsd, so make sure playsmsd is running and has write access to playsms.log too


httpd-error.log is empty and httpd-access.log is working properly. and BTW logstate is already set to Debug mode ‘3’ and Playsmsd is running and has write access to playsms.log :slight_smile: , Still the playsmsd.log hangs on queuing the Message:

05-30 16:03:30 PID5ed267b2059a5 admin L2 sendsms_queue_push # saved queue_code:c969f6c9d292dad10dbbd4787889d1ff smslog_id:10
05-30 16:03:30 PID5ed267b2059a5 admin L2 sendsms # end queue_code:c969f6c9d292dad10dbbd4787889d1ff queue_count:1 sms_count:1 failed_queue:0 failed_sms:0

I was confused between using Jasmin HTTP-API or Restful-API in the playsms configuration. But I found that in the plugin files there’s a line of code where it says the default is {jasmin-host:1401/send} then i understood that it uses the HTTP-API of Jasmin.
So could it be something with the Jasmin-playsms configuration?
Anyways, mine are in the attachement kindly check it.

Try to remove jasmin and use dev the default smsc, set default smsc in Settings->Main configuration, and send test SMS, logs should show sendsmsd parts, not just sendsms (like your log)


I did the following scenarios:

  • removed Jasmin SMSC, and changed to my working Kannel Gateway using your Documentation Here.
  • I removed both Kannel and Jasmin SMSCs and changed the default to Dev in the main settings

In both cases the log shows exactly the log I posted originally in the topic Hangs on sms_count: 1 and the UI shows message in the Queue only while sent messages are empty

Where could be the problem? please help me :slightly_smiling_face:

Omar Aladdin,
System Administrator,

Here’s the log expanded note the end in the first line smsc[] smsc empty?

19:50:00 PID5ed93448ab00b admin L2 sendsms # start uid:1 sender_id:[OmarSMS] smsc:[]
19:50:00 PID5ed93448ab00b admin L3 sendsms # maxlen:459 footerlen:7 footer:[ @admin] msglen:51 message:[Hi sweetheart, good night and have a sweet dream :*]
19:50:00 PID5ed93448ab00b admin L2 sendsms_queue_create # saving queue_code:300aedc448139a3c2556f37b9ad49962 src:BroadcastSMS scheduled:2020-06-04 19:50:00
19:50:00 PID5ed93448ab00b admin L2 sendsms_queue_create # saved queue_code:300aedc448139a3c2556f37b9ad49962 id:32
19:50:00 PID5ed93448ab00b admin L3 sendsms_manipulate_prefix # before prefix manipulation:[+249912156076]
19:50:00 PID5ed93448ab00b admin L3 sendsms_manipulate_prefix # after prefix manipulation:[+249912156076]
19:50:00 PID5ed93448ab00b admin L3 simplerate_hook_rate_getbyprefix # rate not found to:+249912156076 default_rate:0
19:50:00 PID5ed93448ab00b admin L3 simplerate_hook_rate_getcharges # uid:1 u:admin len:58 unicode:0 to:+249912156076 enable_credit_unicode:0 count:1 rate: charge:0
19:50:00 PID5ed93448ab00b admin L2 sendsms # dst_count:1 sms_count:1 total_charges:0
19:50:00 PID5ed93448ab00b admin L2 sendsms_queue_push # saving queue_code:300aedc448139a3c2556f37b9ad49962 dst:+249912156076
19:50:00 PID5ed93448ab00b admin L2 sendsms_queue_push # saved queue_code:300aedc448139a3c2556f37b9ad49962 smslog_id:32
19:50:00 PID5ed93448ab00b admin L2 sendsms # end queue_code:300aedc448139a3c2556f37b9ad49962 queue_count:1 sms_count:1 failed_queue:0 failed_sms:0

What matters in the log is there was no sendsmsd running after sendsms, the actual function that is sending SMS is sendsmsd, part of playSMS daemon, make sure its running, run playsmsd check and pas ax to see its running

What OS do you use ? Which PHP version ?

Yeah sndsmsd is running, Centos 7 PHP version 7.3
Output of playsmsd etc/playsmsd.conf check:

PLAYSMSD_CONF = etc/playsmsd.conf
PLAYSMS_PATH = /home/komodo/public_html
PLAYSMS_LIB = /home/komodo/lib
PLAYSMS_BIN = /home/komodo/bin
PLAYSMS_LOG = /home/komodo/log
PIDS schedule = 1457
PIDS ratesmsd = 1459
PIDS dlrssmsd = 1461
PIDS recvsmsd = 1463
PIDS sendsmsd = 1465

Inside Kannel gateway I’m using a real SMSC as SMSC not GSM or anything else, it’s configured and working in the Kannel side, I have doubts in these Playsms configurations,Is my configurations for it here in the Playsms right? All configs aren’t public but can access each other networkingley

Note that

  • mygateway.com is my Kannel smsbox node host
  • myplaysms.com is my playsms node host
  • smsc01 is my SMS Center in the Kannel gateway

Those configs looks OK.

I have no idea why your playsmsd/sendsmsd not picking up queus submitted from web, but it does happen on my test too on Ubuntu 20.04 using PHP 7.4, on Ubuntu or CentOS using PHP 7.2 or 7.3 no issue

Let me check whats going on

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What OS do you recommend me to choose when deploying PlaySMS, and what version?

I use Ubuntu server 18.04, but works have been started and some changes have been pushed to playSMS repository to make it work better in PHP 7.4 (Ubuntu 20.04)


After installing PlaySMS service as root both Kannel and Jasmin Gateways worked properly. I think there may be problem with user komodo in some permissions in someplace maybe.

Oh, thats good news, perhaps theb I can narrow down to what the cause of this, thanks


hello sir, please how can i get real SMSC for setting things up in kannel and connect it to playsms. i have kannel and playsms setup and running already