Playsms + smstools just stops working for no reason

We have put an instance of playsms (1.3.0) + smstools running on ubuntu 14.04 into production using 2 gsm modems.
Twice in the past 2 weeks it has just stopped sending texts with no errors, for no particular reason.
The mail 2 sms interface still retrieves the mail, playsms appears to process them, and database entries exist in playsms_tblSMSOutgoing_queue, however datetime_update is all zeroes.
There are no corresponding entries in playsms_tblSMSOutgoing.
The queue directories are empty so smstools has nothing to do. manual tests on smstools shows that it is functioning properly. The first time I got it back up by restoring from a backup from the previous day.

Nothing will bring playsms back to working properly, service stop/start, cold reboots, nothing. It’s completely non-functional.

What could the problem be?

can you upgrade to 1.3.1 and then fix the queue issue: Playsms 1.3.1 dosn't show up SMS in SMS Queue

after that try to see if you can see queue in reports, dont delete them, but tell me what you see (screenshot if you can)


Sorry, the software is at 1.3.1, my bad. The fix has been applied for the queue, but I don’t see how that would impact the functionality, as it is just a view issue.
I re-restored from a working backup and applied the fix.
There were items in the queue.

some people fix this by deleting the queue

I just need to know if you saw the queue and if deleting them fix it

then maybr I can pin point the problem and fix it permanently


The machine was restored from a backup done on 12/3 before any of the problems developed. After I did the queue fix, I saw there were 9 items in the queue. I cleared the queue out and resumed sms processing through the machine. We will see how things go.
Thanks Anton.