Sms not sending

Hello Guys , I configured playsms its on , the issue here is i can not send
sms and so far this is the syslog to the gateway

WDP: received 0 (0 queued), sent 0 (0 queued)

SMS: received 2872 (0 queued), sent 2872 (0 queued), store size 2
SMS: inbound (1.32,4.22,3.25) msg/sec, outbound (1.32,4.22,3.25) msg/sec

DLR: 0 queued, using internal storage

Box connections:
smsbox:(none), IP (1 queued), (on-line 0d 0h 14m 7s)

I have the same problem but sms sent are queued ! i can only receive sms !!
I think that with playsms and kannel we can only send or receive 1 SMS in 1 number, cannot use 1 number for multiple ports at the same time… i don’t know if this is the problem or not . :confused:

I Am experiencing similar problem with playSMS I can not send SMS.

Are you all using kannel?
I am using SMSTools3 in a production environment and it works fine with 2 modems sending out ~3000 texts per day.