Need a little help here with Playsms+smstools3

So, Hello there to everyone.
I must say - I like playsms very, very , very much.

What have i done so far:
Installed and fully configured smstools3 with 3 modems.

I created a very very simple php which acts as API.
meaning : my software POSTS request http://local.ip/sms-engine.php
sms-engine.php parses and writes random-name files to /var/spool/sms/outoing (gives response to software)
then runs a handler which gets everything to mysql - and second php which reads outgoing and incoming messages with delivery reports (status 0)

So i decided i finished my “project” because everything is working like a charm.

BUT then i decided i want to install playsms and after fully configuring it (sending , receiving sms)
i created the USER.

USER has API feature (damn it) of its own. meaning i can make my software post sms sending request to PLAYSMS (and not my sms-engine.php)

My problem:
I cannot change the software to send specific request. because of that i first received WHAT exactly it sends me and parsed it to sms-engine.php.

its very interesting for me , can i use playsms API for this request:

[user] => (don’t need this one)
[pass] => (don’t need this one too)
[action] => post_sms
[message] => (text obviously)
[target] => phone number of recipient
[CLIENTADR] => (dont care about this one)

so to make it clear, in sms-engine i parse this request like:
$txt = “To: “.$_REQUEST**[“target”]**.”\n\n”.mb_convert_encoding($_REQUEST[“message”], ‘utf-8’, ‘windows-1251’);

and it gives me file formated straight to /var/spool/sms/outgoing :

To: “number”


is it possible to use this kind of software request with play sms ?
I’d really, really appreciate your answer

Best regards