Send sms, with a request to the playSMS

Hello, have a question , can i send sms, with a request to the playSMS use this method (for example)


and not use kannel, using smstools3 and if so how is it possible to create one correctly.
Thank you


you want to use a http-request to send sms?
There is a documentation for webservices:

Thank you, Manni_Ip, try to understand

it is my webservice URL

and i dont know ho i can get &h=

bat i have error
{“status”:“ERR”,“error”:“100”,“error_string”:“authentication failed”,“timestamp”:1441974913}

my log localhost 2015-09-11 16:35:13 PID55f2ca8116dc4 admin L2 firewall_hook_blacklist_addip # add IP to blacklist ip:5 uid: localhost 2015-09-11 16:35:13 PID55f2ca8116dc4 admin L2 auth_validate_token # invalid login t: ip:

can u help me
Thank you

Instead of using p you need to use h parameter.


Webservices token can be generated through My account -> User config menu

Make sure you enable webservices, generate and get the token and allow IP (just use *.*.*.* for allowed from all IPs)


Thank you very much Anton , very good service . And thanks for the quick and clear answers

Hello, Anton, i’m very sorry to bother you again ,i connect code to the system OPEN GTS launch:

$bin / -sendSMS 9955xxxxxxxxx,
Sending test SMS message to ‘9955xxxxxxxxx’ (via “sysadmin”) …
… Test SMS message successfully sent.

 No errors reported

but sms is not comes.
Here are my settings gateway:

if you is not difficult, tell me maybe I missed something or did not do correctly.
Thanks for your support
Best Reagards, Satcom

This part:


Should be:



Thanks Anton, systems write
Sending test SMS message to ‘+9955xxxxxxxx’ (via “sysadmin”) …
[ERROR] SMS Gateway ‘ERROR’ found
ERROR: Unable to send SMS (SMSOutboundGateway returned error)

bat sms comes