What do you know about playSMS HTTP API or Web Services API

Do you know playSMS have an HTTP API, a Web Services API ?

Yes, playSMS have it, the “AS IS” documentation can be found here.

The API will be consumed by external apps. Example apps that is using the API is playSMS Android App.

If your app is in PHP, you can use playSMS Webservices Class to speed up the development. The class is made to be installed via Composer, or you can include it manually as usual.

Visit packagist website here and the source code repo here for more information about playSMS Webservices Class.

Let’s discuss the playSMS API, how to use it, how to modify it. I’ll be hosting the discussion, hopefully I can be helpful and we might get new things from our discussion.

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Hi @anton,

I tried playSMS Web Services API. One more time good job ! :thumbsup:

Btw, I have one question about how to use it : How to setup sender ID upon registration of new account (using accountadd operation) ?



You can’t. Current playSMS will emptied the sender parameter.


Oh ! :disappointed: But is there anyway to set default sender ID for new users ? Because I noticed that in current playSMS version, new user can’t send message directly after been registered. Need to make a sender ID request and be approved first.

No, sorry, not at the moment. This has been an issue that is already filed in Github issue, I have scheduled that after 1.1 released.

Currently the request and approval of Sender ID is essential part of playSMS flow. This behaviour was considered the right way to do as sender ID was mostly moderated.


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Hi Anton,

I can send the same message to multiple numbers


But I have one question.

How to send different messages to different numbers on the same call?


In this way it sends

Number: Text
0987654321: test+only,test+only2
0987654322: test+only,test+only2

And I want:

Number, text
0987654321: test+only
0987654322: test+only2

That type of request isn’t available yet


Hi Anton, good afternoon.
Thanks for your response.
Congratulations for the great system.
You known if this will be implemented soon?
Would you like to implement this picture to us? if so,have you the notion of the costs for this implementation?

Best regards

Júlio Agostini

this isn’t in playSMS todo list, but you can post it as an issue:

maybe someone can work on that, or maybe I can put it for next releases, no promises though…