How to add a SMSC


I’ve successfully installed PlaySMS on a Ubuntu 14.04 server. As far as I’ve seen, I feel this is an excellent piece of application.

Now I want to add an API which I’ve got from an local mobile phone operator. As I’m really novice with PlaySMS, I don’t know how to add this API to send SMS using PlaySMS.

Please help me.

Thanks in advance.

Can you share the API? with hiding your personal ddetails…

Thanks Akay for your reply.

Here is the API -


Before https request please set all 4 parameters: format(xxxxxxxxxxxxx;xxxxxxxxxxxxx etc), ,and .
And parameter is masking name which is optional.

This is the API, I need to configure. Isn’t there any standard procedure to add API in playSMS? Is the any documentation regarding this?

Thanks in advance.

Maybe I need to clarify it more.

Actually I got this API from a local mobile phone operator of my country. Now I want to send bulk SMS to local numbers using this API.

Now how can I add this API to send bulk SMS using PlaySMS? I believe PlaySMS have got enough features to do this simple job.

Guys please help me here. I need this badly. :frowning:

Thanks in advance.

I believe no documentation is there regarding API integration…
Experienced people may know…

Also as per understanding playsms provided api to send msg…
You need to ask the provider the kind of gateway they use for sending sms…
Then add the gateway with the userid and pwd provided by them…

Then I believe you shud be able to use…it… hope it helps.