Is it possible to add multiple api?


I want to send SMS from six different mobile operator using playSMS. I have api from six operators, it is possible to integrate all the six api.

In my country, there are six mobile operators and everyone can send “masked SMS” only in their respective numbers. For this reason, I need to integrate all the operators apis and sending masked SMS using respective operators. User will only upload the numbers once and playSMS will categorize and send SMS according the logic above.

Sorry for not a better clarification. Please feel free if you need more clarification. Looking forward for your replies.

Thanks in advance.

You want playSMS to route your SMS based on destination numbers ?


Thanks for the reply.
I just want to send SMS at local numbers of my country. There will be no international SMS, just within my country and moreover, only outgoing SMS, don’t need any incoming SMS Support.


playSMS can route SMS based on destination.

So if you have multiple SMSC you can route SMS based on prefix of destination numbers and route them to use specific SMSC.

For example:

62811, 62812, 62812 --> routed to SMSC Telkomsel
62817, 62818, 62819 --> routed to SMSC XL


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Thank you so much for the info. This feature is what I needed.

Hello Anton. And what about if there are various providers for the same prefix? Is there a way to make LCR?

Thank you,
John Morales.