How to route through 2 different Clickatell account


Im not sure if there is someone posted about this before; i don’t mean to duplicate a subject here.

I have this situation where i have 2 API accounts from the same vendor, in this case it’s Clickatell. They gave me one API ID for (non-US traffic) and another API ID for US traffic. How do i tell PlaySMS to use one clickatell account for US and the other account for the other destinations?

I believe the answer is related to Gateways and SMSC but i don’t know how to do it. I can add more SMSCs associated to the same gateway but im not asked for credentials (username, password, parameters, etc).



Currently Clickatell’s gateway plugin haven’t supported multi-SMSC. Try this changes to make it multi-SMSC supports:

don’t forget to restart playsmsd after code changes


Thanks Anton.
I’ve made the changes and i can now input 2 configurations.
I will test and post my comments.