Multiple SMC for Telerivet

Hi Anton,

How is it possible to have multiple SMC for Telerivet Gateway?


Should i follow the same scheme used for multiple Clickatell SMCs?

you can do that.

here is the hint how to add SMSC supports:


Hi Anton,

Silly question. Will this scheme work for Telerivet plugin? i actually need multiple SMSCt for that plugin.


So i managed to add support for multiple SMC using Telerivet plugin. Then what i did it was to create Outgoing Routes for each user so that User1 sends trough SMC #1 and User2 sends trough SMC #2 but it’s not working. Through the log i can see the routing rule is being applied and the desired SMC is being used however in the practice is not working. It is like all the messages were being sent trough the previous/default SMC. Is there anything else that i should need to tweak?


Never mind. It’s working now. Seems i have to restart Playsmsd after modifying the files.
Thanks Anton.