PlaySMS + Kannel: How to load-balance my WebService SMS traffic on multiple modems

Hi guys,

Thanks again for your work, on my SMS workflow, playSMS is my favorite part :smiley:
In my project, I use it only through the webservice with the same user (admin).

I configured 2 identical modems on a kannel server, it seems to work on this side (I see the modems’ opening in the 2 logs).

I also added a 2nd Kannel SMSC on playSMS, with the additionnal URL parameter “smsc=modem2” (the 1st one says “smsc=modem1”).

The only problem is that all the SMS seems to be routed to the same modem, the 1st one.
Is there an easy way to says that all SMS need to be load-balanced between all the modems ?

I precise that I use DLRs and I route the incoming SMS to an other server.

Have you ever seen preferred-smsc and allowed-smsc on kannel´s smsc groups? Use them case you whant keep the traffic separation on each modem. Case you want to balance traffic between two or more modems, give them the same smsc name.

Thank you Edilson :heart_eyes:

I tried it, it worked for the main part, but in my configuration, I need to have something that can make me know which SMSC is used at the sending, so I think I need to find an other way to do it.

I got an other solution using one playSMS user for each modem, the only think that I need to know is how to set a specific SMSC for outgoing SMS of a user.

I know the page “outgoing SMS route” but it ask a prefix number.


Create 2 smscs on playsms, each one with it´s additional url parameter pointing to 2 diferents kannel´s smsc. On playsms outgoing routing, set each user with one smsc. Important, on kannel´s smsc, don´t forget to set allowed-smsc parameter,.


It’s exactly what I wanna do, but the outgoing route ask a mandatory prefix.

I want my SMS to work all over Europe for all modems, so I’m not sure, but I did it with “3,4”, do you think it will be good with this prefix on all PlaySMS routes ?

Yes, if you want to distinguish only between users. To route outgoing sms, playsms looks for user + prefix set, so, no problem if you have more than one route with the same prefix.