[solved] Playsmsd not running (move from googlegroups)

PM me for SSH username and password


got it.

your PLAYSMS_PATH in /etc/playsmsd.conf is incorrect, I’ve changed it (you missed public) and now its working


ok, i’ve tested it, great

thank’s a lot sir

we can sort it out faster if thats the issue, but the thing is in my servers (Ubuntu) if you put wrong folder as PLAYSMS_PATH then playsmsd start won’t start, you’ll get Unable to start playsmsd error message

but in your server wrong PLAYSMS_PATH still display successful daemon starts, but then they are all died

not sure why



i never use playsms on ubuntu sir because i’m always using centos and freebsd as my server, maybe next time i will test on freebsd box as tester :grin:


I get the error “PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function core_query_sanitize() in /var/www/html/playsms/init.php on line 159”

when I type playsmsd sendsmsd…

if I type it with sudo I get “FATAL ERROR : Unable to find composer files Please run composer.phar update”

what am I doing wrong here

Sir @anton
I’m having this very same problem on my ubuntu server, any possible solution please?