DB Error: connect failed dont know how

hi the im new to this ubuntu thing as the person that installed the playsms on the system is no longer available and im struggling.
i can not get into the system via google (as we did for long time) i get this message DB Error: connect failed

i have read forums befor of 2014 on here and it said to look at this below but now i do not know what to do. please please help
protea@SMS-GW:~$ playsmsd check
PLAYSMSD_CONF = /etc/playsmsd.conf
PLAYSMS_PATH = /var/www/html/playsms
PLAYSMS_LIB = /var/lib/playsms
PLAYSMS_BIN = /usr/local/bin
PLAYSMS_LOG = /var/log/playsms
PIDS schedule =
PIDS ratesmsd =
PIDS dlrssmsd =
PIDS recvsmsd =
PIDS sendsmsd =

What OS are you using?
What version of PHP are you using?


sorry im not a programmer what is php

What OS?


it is a linux computor when i logto the ip it gives me.
Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page

Please use the official installation instructions. Everything will be written there step by step.


i dont think you understand everything was done for us by a company and is instaled and now the company that did it no longer workings.
im trying to sort it out and do not know what to do or how. that is why i asked for help.you say “use the official installation instructions” i do not know where to start and look for it.

is there someone that can maybe help over teamview

I can look, but it will not be soon, in about 4-5 hours. I live in Uzbekistan, and by + 5. In our time, I will be released by 9 pm. If this is acceptable for you, then we can look.


thank you i need to travel will let you know when im availble

You are welcome!


Are you available to help

I will be available at 9 pm +5 GTM.

If we use Telegram, we can send me massage to address https://t.me/jamshidtursunov