[solved] DB Error : Connect failed

I’ve got the “famous” problem of DB Error. I’ve read nearly all topics possible. I’ve tried everything… i’m hopeless now.

distribution : ubuntu
playsms version : 1.4.2
mysql : 5.7.25
php : 7.2.15

A related topic but i didn’t find any help in :

Check again your mysql user permission


Thank you anton,
I struggled a lot and finally found a solution, the problem was (of course) a user permission problem.
I changed the username used by playsms to connect to the database. by default it was on “root” and i changed it to “playsms”.
Then i created a second user on mysql named “playsms” with all privileges.

It works perfectly now

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try to use php 7.0
my skype id is "adev09@gmail.com" for more advice