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what version do you use ?



I used the latest version I downloaded today from zip file at github and used to set it up. I’m on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

What version ?

Always use the recommended version, unless you know what you’re doing.


Hi Anton,

it’s playSMS version 1.1

Release date 150711

Ok, you should get the file from here:

the tar.gz not zip from github

and this is the complete manual how to install playSMS 1.1:


Thanx Anton, I’ll try that

Thanx, I could install and run playsms with the above gui… but now facing another issue. When I started the server following error appears
"Sun 2015/07/26 00:29:13 gammu-smsd[6761]: Created POSIX RW shared memory at 0x7ffa85ec5000
Sun 2015/07/26 00:29:13 gammu-smsd[6761]: Starting phone communication…
Sun 2015/07/26 00:29:13 gammu-smsd[6761]: Error at init connection: Can not open specified file. (CANTOPENFILE[28])

Any suggestions. Thanx

Were you following this manual ?

If not please follow that manual


yes. I followed that manual

Ok managed to get it working by giving permission to user gammu to access log folder at /var/log/gammu…

When I checked the smsd logs of gammu it shows the following

Sun 2015/07/26 02:44:13 gammu-smsd[1487]: Received message from: 94xxxxxx
Sun 2015/07/26 02:44:13 gammu-smsd[1487]: Read 1 messages
Sun 2015/07/26 02:44:13 gammu-smsd[1487]: Delivery report IN20150726_024334_00_94xxxxxx_00.txt
Sun 2015/07/26 02:45:11 gammu-smsd[1487]: Received message from: +94xxxxxx
Sun 2015/07/26 02:45:11 gammu-smsd[1487]: Read 1 messages
Sun 2015/07/26 02:45:11 gammu-smsd[1487]: Received IN20150726_024506_00_+94xxxxxx_00.txt

But the delivery report and inbox messages are not displayed in playsms. I dont see anything related to incoming messages in playsms logs.
What am aI missing here

can you check whether you still have those files ? IN20150726_024334_00_94xxxxxx_00.txt and IN20150726_024506_00_+94xxxxxx_00.txt. And where are they located ?


I searched, but couldn’t find it anywhere in my file system…

you can try to stop playsmsd and then test again, look for those files received by Gammu and save it somewhere, also note where they’re saved

let us know

why playsmsd need to be stopped before testing its because gammu gateway remove the file as soon as its processed