Problem with my first install

Dear friends.

I’m new in Playsms (and also new in Ubuntu…).

I tried to follow the instructions of Playsms book for instalation, and I found some troubles:

After install everything, I get the next messages:

playsmsd start:

" playsmsd is started"

playsmsd status :

“playsmsd is not running”

One another thing (I don´t know if it can be the problem). I installed php7.0 instead of php5

¿can anyone help me? thanks in advance.


Hello Carlos,
Please paste the out come you get when you run the command below

$ sudo playsmsd status

If it is running, you should get the output as below:
$ sudo playsmsd status
playsmsd is running
schedule at pid 23141
dlrssmsd at pid 23143
recvsmsd at pid 23145
sendsmsd at pid 23147

Waiting for your response.

Dear Ikazooba:

When I run playsmsd status the answer is:

Playsmsd is not running

When I try to run : playsmsd sendsmsd , I get

DB error ; extension not found

I hope this could be useful for you

Thanks for your help


When I run " Playsmsd start", I get

playsmsd has been started

schedule at pid 2399
dlrssmsd at pid 2401
recvsmsd at pid 2403
sendsmsd at pid 2405

Dear Carlos,
I suggest that you go through the installation as directed on the link below.

Go through step by step. You should be able to set it up.
Let us know how it goes.

¿without erase anything of the actual installation?

Dear Kazzoba:

I am at the step 5 (setup database)

when I enter : mysqladmin -u root -p create playsms

the answer was:

CREATE DATABASE failed; error: Can´t create database “playsms”; database exists

when I enter : mysql -u root -p playsms < db/playsms.sql

The answer was:
db/playsms.sql : the file or the directory no exist

Here I am now

Dear Carlos,
Just overwrite what you have with what the guide says. In doing so, you will be able to have a working application. Just follow the guide. Let us know where you have issues. Many people are willing to help out.

Dear Ikazooba:

I´ve followed, step by step all the guide, without any failure message.

But I still have the same result.

When I run the command ; “playsmsd start” I have the next answer:

playsmsd has been started

schedule at pid 2178
dlrssmsd at pid 2180
recvsmsd at pid 2182
sendsmsd at pid 2184

After that I run the command : “playsmsd status”, and the answer is

Playsmsd is not running

I can´t find the problem

¿can you help me?

Thanks in advance


Another issue:

When I run the commands : " playsmsd sendsmsd

At the first time I got these 2 errors:

PHP Deprecated: mktime (): You should be using the time() function instead in /var/www/html/playsms/lib/fn_core.php on line 1031

DB Error:extension not found

I’ve changed the line 1031 (time() instead of mktime()), and the first error dissapear.

But the second error (db error), remain the same

Dear Carlos,
I have not tried it on PHP7. If you went through the installation once again guide and ended with the same errors as before, I suggest that you try PHP5. I am not saying it does not work with PHP7, but I have not used it on PHP7 hence I may not be able to troubleshoot. Maybe others here can help. I suggest, if you can, you try it on PHP5. I am sorry I have not been able to help you.

Dear Kazooba:

I followed your instructions and rebuild all the system.

. Ubuntu 14.

Now , I have the message : "DB error : Not found

That message appear when I try to run : “playsmsd sendsmsd” , and when I try to enter at the url “localhost/playsms”

I googled a lot, but I could´nt find a solution.

¿can you help me?

thanks a lot


Guys I got the issue in different post.

for now you can try to change config.php, change:
$core_config[‘db’][‘type’] = ‘mysql’;

$core_config[‘db’][‘type’] = ‘mysqli’;

Thanks to @anton

After making this change, run the following commands prompts:

  1. playsmsd start (to start services)

  2. playsmsd status (then to verify it)

  3. Try the browser. http://your-server-ip/playsms

All the best!


I have the same issue, although i am able to load playsms. But when I try and hit the URL, I get DB Error: not found.