Playsmsd is not running

i a;m using ubuntu 16.04 to install playsms and kannel and i got this error when i type:
sudo playsmsd status
i get

playsmsd is not running

andwhen type sudo playsmsd check
i get
PLAYSMSD_CONF = /etc/playsmsd.conf
PLAYSMS_PATH = /var/www/html/playsms
PLAYSMS_LIB = /var/lib/playsms
PLAYSMS_BIN = /usr/local/bin
PLAYSMS_LOG = /var/log/playsms
PIDS schedule =
PIDS dlrssmsd =
PIDS recvsmsd =
PIDS sendsmsd =

when type: i get
playsmsd has been started
schedule at pid 18281
dlrssmsd at pid 18283
recvsmsd at pid 18285
sendsmsd at pid 18287

when i do http://localhost/playsms/
i get DB Error: extension not found in the browser
and when i type ps ax | grep playsms
i get 18378 pts/17 S+ 0:00 grep --color=auto playsms
i have read the other topic but nothing i have followed the first method on

i qlso get this error
playsmsd sendsmsd
PHP Deprecated: mktime(): You should be using the time() function instead in /var/www/html/playsms/lib/fn_core.php on line 1031

DB Error: extension not found
please help me

Dear Soro:

Hello, Im Carlos.

I am exactly in the same situation.

You can read my post “problem with my first installation”, may be this can be useful for you.

I try to reinstall with php5 (I have php7.o installed), but I doubt this can be the solution

Please, mantain contact for any advance on that!

Best wishes