[Solved] Outgoing SMS use random SMSC


Using the “Route outgoing SMS” I’ve bound users to SMSC.
User1 => SMSC1
User2 => SMSC2

However SMS go out using either SMSC1 or SMSC2, randomly.
How to fix this?

I using like this

SMSSUPPORT = /var/spool/sms/support
SMSFINANCE = /var/spool/sms/finance

device = /dev/ttyUSB0
incoming = yes
baudrate = 115200

device = /dev/ttyUSB2
incoming = yes
baudrate = 115200

and i using 2 smsc on playsms then i set queue directory with diferent target

Queue directory

smsc support i am set to /var/spool/sms/support
smsc finance i am set to /var/spool/sms/finance

on Route Outgoing SMS assign smsc to your user.

I cannot find any file like yours with brackets. The only config file I am aware of is kannel config file (/etc/kannel.conf)
Here is part of mine (no occurrence of [queues] inside :


group = smsc
smsc = at
smsc-id = freelegta
#allowed-smsc-id = freelegta
#denied-smsc-id = sfrpisci
modemtype = zte
device = /dev/zte0
speed = 9600
my-number = XXXXXXXXXXX
sms-center = XXXXXXXXXXX
sim-buffering = false
max-error-count = 5
log-file = /var/log/kannel/smsc-k4505z.log
log-level = 0
pin = 1234

SMSC K4511

group = smsc
smsc = at
smsc-id = sfrpisci
modemtype = huawei
device = /dev/huawei0
speed = 9600
my-number = XXXXXXXXXXXX
sms-center = XXXXXXXXXXXX
sim-buffering = false
max-error-count = 5
log-file = /var/log/kannel/smsc-k4511.log
log-level = 0
pin = 7159

And here is my Route outgoing SMS config :

Eventually the issue might be related to this line in kannel config file :
get-url = “

What does &smsc=%i mean?

Edit : sorry, sharps seems to be interpreted as big font size

sorry, that’s only found if you using SMSTools3.


On this post https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/playsmsusergroup/B1pUtlw1eqA/TirzZ2G4-TQJ

I read in the kannel.conf file:
get-url = "http://localhost/playsms/index.php?app=call&cat=gateway&plugin=kannel&access=geturl&t=%t&q=%q&a=%a&Q=%Q&smsc=gsm1"
get-url = “http://localhost/playsms/index.php?app=call&cat=gateway&plugin=kannel&access=geturl&t=%t&q=%q&a=%a&Q=%Q&smsc=gsm2

It’s a static configuration, why next a dynamic configuration with the additionnal url parameter ?

and what is the correct syntax for this parameter :

&smsc=gsm1 or smsc=gsm1

In my example, smsclegta in the name of the smsc in playsms and his additionnal url parameter is &smsc=freelegta
To avoid the confusion , I chose different names for smsc in playsms and kannel.conf !




The correct syntax in playsms for additionnal parameter is : smsc=gsm1

and in kannel.conf I added :

allowed-smsc-id = gsm1
preferred-smsc-id = gsm1

and no more smsc random use