Need Help Configuring a New Module


I am new to Playsms, I have installed it on Ubuntu 16 LTS and have successfully configured Kannel and my SMS’s are going out fine. I need help with a Option i want to add in the compose message. We have 2 services promotional and transnational, What i want to do is, when i compose a sms there should be a drop down / option to select between promotional or transactional and then the sms would be sent through the smpp which is allocated in the service. Can anyone help me here, i am out of ideas, I have tried to add the service column in the sendsms.php but i get and error that there is no queue to send sms.

I think you will have to modify sendsms_helper function, adding sms type parameter, that you mentioned (instead of drop down menu, consider using a checkbox).

Additionally, in a generic fashion, you could put a new field on smsc records, saying what type of SMS that smsc should send (or let it hardcoded on sms routing).

Finally, you have to modify sms routing to act according to sms type.

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Hello Edilson,

Thanks a lot for your response on this, Can you please help to point out on which files should i make the changes ? as i tried understand the PHP code but i am unable to understand it completely, It would be a great help if you let me know on which files i need to do the changes.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Edilson,

Can you please let me know the sms routing file, i have managed to add the sms type in the compose and route outgoing sms, all i need is the sms routing logic. Can you let me know how do i change the sms routing logic ?

Take a look at plugin/core/sendsms/fn.php

Hello Edilson,

I am really sorry, i checked the fn.php in the sendsms folder but i am unable to understand the routing logic, i dont know what to change there. Can you please help me through it.

Amit have you made through it? please update as i’m really interested in steriods online. thanks

Hello Termen,

Well, not yet. I am still struggling with the code and where and what to change.