Route outgoing sms based on sender ID


Thank you for this amazing SMS system (playsms)…

i want to send SMSs from one user account and this user has multiple sender IDs can selected at sending new message. but sending message must be to one destination name…and there are multiple SMSCs configured to route SMSs for this destination name…i made tests but playsms select the SMSC randomly, so i want to send sms with specific Sender ID to specific SMSC because i have some billing issues needed in my business

how can i do that???

need to help…

Actually playSMS should not use sender ID randomly. If it is than its a bug. Assumed this is a bug, please describe what to do to replicate/reproduce the bug.


No…playsms doesn’t select sender ID randomly, but select SMSC randomly…

i want to send sms using specific SMSC depends on sender ID (for example: if user has two sender IDs “x and y” and and two SMSC “A and B” and he want to send SMS with sender ID “x” then playsms must route the SMS with SMSC “A” and if selects the sender ID “y” then playsms must route the SMS with SMSC “B”)

sender ID X --> SMSC A
sender ID Y --> SMSC B


Ah ic, sorry about that.

Ok. So route to certain smsc based on sender id. Im positive this isnt availble.

Please post as an issue in playSMS github page. Ill schedule it.


I think its possible on KANNEL as the Gateway, with the current version of PLAYSMS 1.3.1 version it has this additional + SMSC when you can specify more than 1 SMSC account . However the configuration based on sender will be configured on KANNEL level (kannel.conf)