[solved] Question on functionality

Have a Playsms server setup to work with a VOIP provider to be able to provide SMS service for multiple customers.

Is it possible to have each customer with their own account, where they can send and receive SMS messages from their own DID.

Currently the way it is setup is that it seems the primary account number or Gateway number is attached to sending and receiving, and in order to receive an SMS message in a sub account the @user tag needs to be in the message body for the message to end up in the sub user account.

Thanks in advance

This is on 1.4.3 on a Centos VM working with an API from a VOIP carrier


This is how playSMS decide sender ID to use:

Looking at that, if you want each user to use their own sender ID you can set sender ID in Manage sender ID menu. Remove/empty the gateway sender ID and sender ID on Main configuration.

As for receiving SMS, take a look at Route incoming SMS settings and set Yes as shown in this screenshot:

Thank you for the reply Anton.

With your guidance, I am now receiving to the proper user account based on the telephone number.

Sending seems to an issue still. I have removed the Default Sender ID in the Main Configuration.

Is this something that can be set, and is it done outside of the Playsms application by editing the files?

As mentioned the Default SenderID is blank

Created sender ID for the user’s number, approve sender id yes and set as default to yes

Created new user account and set default sender id to the above created sender id

If I watch the log, the users sender id is used until the process goes out the carrier, then it replaces the sender id with the default sender id

There are 3 menus you can set sender ID. Main configuration, SMSC and Manage sender ID. Since you have removed the Default sender ID in Main configuration, next to check Module sender ID on SMSC configuration, if you found it try to remove it.


Excellent - thank you!

The fix was to remove the Sender ID from Manage Gateway & SMSC from Gateways and SMSCs for the VOIP provider.

One last question, is there a method for notification of a new message? Any kind of pop-up notification or do I need to setup an email forwarder to send the message to the user?

Appreciate the help Anton, and the application of course

No popup. You can forward incoming SMS to email.


I saw that popup there!!! How did that happen?!?!

I guess I forgot about that :)) Well ok then good if theres popup.


Is there something you did to push that notification? I dont normally get those with incoming email

sorry, I dont understand, can you rephrase your question ?


Is there something you did on your end to push that desktop notification through Chrome?

When you previously replied on the forum (last night and earlier today) I received a notification of reply in my outlook email. Once I mentioned about the notifications, I received a popup through Chrome.

Was just wondering if you did something to push the notification.

I think I might need to setup a mail server in order to get that function working - was planning on using gmail, but looks like I might be better with postfix

I was replying about popup on incoming SMS on playSMS, not forum. I thought you asked about notification on playSMS, not Forum.


It’s all good Anton - thank you for your help, it is greatly appreciated.