Default sender ID (Solved)

Hi all,

when default ID sender has a value ( at default settings) all users use that ID, at least this is so in PlaySMS 1.4, even those who has an approved and active ID (their ID is overrided by the deault ID sender). Problem is that if default ID sender is empty, users who have an ID approved can choose it but (here is the real problem) new users that register can not send messages until an ID is setup for them (message fail, red point).

Question is, is there any way to establish a default ID sender for users that havenĀ“t an ID approved, and users that have an approved ID use their own active ID?.

Am i missing something?

Edited: Autosolved as simple as add a default value on insert for column sender in tblUser. In this way new users get an IDsender by default and registered users continue using their own custom IDsender. So everybody happy.

Thank you all.