How to route sms by receiver number?


I’m using playsms with sms3 tools.

I’m using two modems with a raspberry pi 3.

Both modems are working.

I need my 2nd modem just to receive SMS and forward them to an email address.

How do I do this?



Create 2 smscs, each one pointing to a diferent directory. Then, on inbound routes you can do what you need, don´t?

I created a 2nd smsc but this doesn’t work. I can see the messages in the spool directory, tagged with “” but playSMS doesn’t do anything with the messages. How can I inbound route them? These messages are not tagged with a username or groupcode, just regular sms messages.

OK I got both modems to receive and send messages.

But now I got the problem, that the messages are stuck in the sandbox, for both modems. I created Sender IDs with the numbers of both sim cards and set a post rule to forward the messages to an inbox when matched an approved sender id.

Well…this just wont work :frowning: It worked very well with just one modem attached, but now I dunno what to do.

What playSMS logs says?

Nothing, the messages are just stored into the sandbox.
Direct SMS via @user are working well both with inbox and forwarding to mail inbox.

How do I have to format the sender ID? With international numbers, e.g. 491773424234 ?

how was your modem recieving sms? when i recieve sms in pdu kannel says pdu_extract failed. please help me to solve this problem