Routing texts based on areacode

Currently running Playsms with SMSTOOLS and 8-port modems. We are in the USA. 3 of the modems are capable of texting to Canada. The other 5 are not capable of this

Is there a way to configure Playsms to route Canada texts to these three (or even just one, the volume is pretty low) modems so that we know they are going through. Even though any modem is receiving an SMSC delivery successful message, they are not going through.

Scott, you can do this routing using prefixes, don´t?

If you mean by configuring the Route Outgoing SMS menu item, I think so, however I don’t know in what order these entries are read or if there is a priority to them

Ideally I would like to have the 3 modems that have T-Mobile SIMs to be able to send anywhere and the 5 MetroPCS ones to only send to USA area codes.

Creating an inclusive list of USA areacodes (prefixes) would be prohibitively time consuming and might even exceed the allowed characters on the db field.

Currently I route illegal area codes to BLOCKED SMSC and the rest to GSM1-8, after going through the stoplist (which has 7k+ entries so far).