[solved] Compose message Sendto is not available to type

Hi team,
I have installed playSMS, I try to compose the SMS but I can’t type into sendTo box, I’m I missing something?

do you use http or https ? check in config.php and match ishttps option (true if you use https)

or maybe you should use https and set that to true (and configure your server to use https)


Have you solved the problem? I have the same issue.

Yes, In the code there’s hidden atribute for send text box.
I remove that attribute and I can type the number then send success to kannel

remove the hidden atribute:

I am using http wich is set by default.
“ishttps” is set to false in config.php

The send to field remains hidden.

What else can I do ?

you can modify the file in your deploy directory

My file is a little different then yours,
When I modify it, the field is shown and I can send messages, but it doesn’t read groups or contacts from phonebook.

PlaySMS Version: 1.4.3
OS: CentOs 7
Php: 7.2

In below image of my code, I have just deleted the type=“hidden”

I created group home, then add some phone number to group
then in the send box, I put #home and I can see it delivered to my phone


Please update to 1.4.5. Why not setup HTTPS, it should work fine.


why we need https to use this feature?
I also search into the code but didn’t find anything related between https and send box?

Hmm I forgot. Maybe there aren’t any, but feels like it, I kinda remember something about it. Try to inspect, or open developer tools, and go to Console tab, and then refresh browser. See the error in console tab.


make sense,
I will try to find out the root cause by tomorrow.
May be it’s not directly related to https but when using http, something happen

It looks like a javascript problem.
The console throws this error:
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ‘)’

Hi @nhanth87 @Blanpe

Please try to update composer package:

cd playsms-1.4.5
php composer.phar update

Above composer update will update playsms-1.4.5/web/lib/composer files.

Once done copy folder playsms-1.4.5/web/lib/composer to your playSMS installation folder to replace them with the new updated one, same path (to your-playsms-web-path/lib/composer).

If you’re still using playSMS 1.4.3 then you can also replace all your playSMS 1.4.3 PHP files (except config.php) with the updated files in playsms-1.4.5/web/


Hi! @anton
Solved, thahks so much.

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