[solved] Configuring email to SMS

I’ve managed to get playsms up and running with SMSTools3, and can send via the manual message sending (and from commandline via smstools).
However I cannot get the Email to SMS to fetch messages from Gmail to be pushed out via SMS. AM I missing a package like sendmail or postfix? Do I need one of those or does it work entirely through PHP?

Also is there a way to change the ‘data mapping’ on retrieved email messages? Currently with our web app, we use the subject for the destination number and the body for the SMS message. Is this configurable anywhere?

I changed loglevel to 3 in playsms and get no info on email connection attempts. Nothing in the audit log either.


Forget for a moment, playsms. Do you normally send and receive email? Have you tested that?

Not on this machine. it is dedicated and freshly built. But if you are asking me whether I can telnet to the mail server on the POP port, then yes.

Ok. Perhaps the thread below can help you. Read it carefully.

The short answer is this: install php5_imap and php5enmod imap

Just in case people don’t feel like chasing threads around.