How to email to sms


maybe someone can tell me what steps to do to send email to sms.
I have managed Email to sms and under my account I have set Pin.
It seems like that my email is read by playsms but it doesn´t send it forward to sms.

me too

i installed 1.3 from scratch, get all working (In Out), but can’t get working by any means:

  • email 2 sms

Also i can not find any direct reference to syntax, docs or smth…

Also i monitor playsms.log - no sign of trying to login to my Gmail
Only 1 time of all my tries I got notification about some new app trying to login to my Gmail and I allowed it but this was never again
Imap - already installed

any checklist or place to have a look for ideas?

the rest is great - enjoing app!

first of all, you need to use 1.3.1, 1.3 fresh install was unable to send SMS

and then try to search this forum for: mailsms