Mail to sms documentation

Hi, I’am looking for documentaion or steps to set up mail to sms. I haven’t any idea on how to deploye it.

thank you in advance.

Its old, try here: [solved] Emailsms tidak bisa berjalan and!msg/playsmsusergroup/07qDqCuAypo/yEbnXAnO1f0J

I have tried the first link, but nothing is happening, the second link I think that I’m not authorized or the link is disabled.
I have tested to acces to the mailbox with IMAP using this script below from playsms server, and access is successful, but in playsms nothing is happening even logs are not generated.

<?php $mbox = imap_open("{imap-server:143/novalidate-cert}", "", "Vigo010"); echo "Mailboxes\n"; $folders = imap_listmailbox($mbox, "{imap-server:143}", "*"); if ($folders == false) { echo "Call failed
\n"; } else { foreach ($folders as $val) { echo $val . "
\n"; } } echo "headers in INBOX\n"; $headers = imap_headers($mbox); if ($headers == false) { echo "Call failed
\n"; } else { foreach ($headers as $val) { echo $val . "
\n"; } } imap_close($mbox); ?>

I can also acces with thunderbird using ssl on port 993.

i check it and but the sms is not send below my log file i don’t nkow the issue

Hello Anton, is there another link somewhere ? because this one doesnt seem to work

any update on that problem?

hi, i have 1.4.3 and tried to configure that steps without success. I use the same setting with @made
Mail to sms address:


i sent email to ( with this content
subject: admin 123456 test
body : 10086

i also set $core_config[‘logstate’] = 3; and playsmsd restart, but playsms log stil show as below pic wihtout emailsms log (but i can see sendsms log when i send sms)

Can @anton explain better what I need to do to configure it and run?