Outgoing SMS is not delivering to all MSISDN numbers provided in Dump file

Dear All,

I have been using PlaySMS and Kanell to send bulk sms to customers for 6 year now. The workflow to do so is like, a single message is being sent to 100 K MSISDN via a SMSC, and the MSISDN numbers are uploaded to PlaySMS in a txt file using option “Send from file”. It was working fine and the message was delivering to almost entire msisdn numbers, except those which were absent or the handsets were off [ 2 - 3 %]. But as of now and for a while, it is not working properly, and the message is being sent only to few msisdn numbers - maximum to 8k msisdn numbers out of 100k.
I checked the “access.log” file at /usr/local/kannel/var/logs/access.log path, and observed that those numbers which are not getting the message are not being logged to this file, so I assume that PlaySMS app is not forwarding all MSISDN numbers listed in the dump to kannel and that is why the message is not being sent to entire msisdn numbers. Or maybe, I am wrong and there is another issue with the process.
please kindly help me with your findings, and feedback.

@anton, @Xian Would you please help and feedback?

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