[solved] Can't send to single number

I can’t send to single numbers anymore. Not sure what happened. When I send to a single number, it sends to my groups instead. Why? I am only needing to send to 1 or 2 numbers, not to the entire group.

Please help.


please help. does anyone have any suggestions? i really need to fix this. we use playsms as our emergency notification system. i can’t sent to single numbers anymore. it sends to the entire group.

Please let us know how to reproduce it (what single number and what group, redacted if its privacy related).

And if you can check playSMS log during the test that would be helpful, send here (please edit numbers, IP address or anything private)


Thank you Anton for your response and willingness to help. I restored a backup vmware that I had from a few months ago. The restore fixed the problem. Not really sure why I had this problem but I didn’t have time to troubleshoot it. Needed the sms server back up and working quickly so I just restored a backup vm that I had.

Let’s close this case for now. Thank you!!

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