[solved] Forward all sandbox to a list of phonenumbers

I have installed playsms with kannel, everything is working great!

I need to forward all SMS from sandbox to a 100+ list of numbers, any ideas how?

Thanks for any help!

You can try to forward sandbox to URL. And the URL is a webservices call to playSMS it self, sending SMS to a group. That group is your 100+ list.


Thanks Anton for fast reply!

I can’t figure out the correct url for sending to a group.

Php is not my strong side:(

so far i got this…

ah you’re right, I forgot that sandbox payload

oh well, we gonna need to code it then. please post this question as an issue in playSMS github issue, I’ll schedule for next release, this is interesting and not too complex to do


Try this changes:

and then change the URL into this:


don’t forget to restart playsmsd after code changes


Thanks for your effort!
I will try later, after ill get another sim. Ill let you know.

so far im facing other problem: note even being able to send a sms

Not able to send sms via playsms

so, after everything works great, im able to send messages.

I have edited the php you have adjusted some 5 days ago, and the URL:


ends with error:

- - 2015-09-08 11:56:41 PID55eeb0d9382e2 - L3 incoming__recvsms_intercept_after # sandbox forward to URL start url:[http://dom.ain/playsms/index.php?app=ws&u=admin&h=token&to=%23mygroup&msg=test]
- - 2015-09-08 11:56:41 PID55eeb0d9382e2 - L3 incoming__recvsms_intercept_after # sandbox forward to URL end response:[{"error_string":null,"timestamp":1441706201}]

Does it work? The webservices url browsed manually from your browser

It should work


Nope, the same error.


Just to be sure, you did use real token right? Webservices enabled on admin user config and u use token from there


Of course, im a sysadmin myself… (not a coder tho:))

Ah I think you need to add op=pv to the url


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You are a master!

Another question: the “subscribe” plugin, how do i send a sms to subscribers?
What im trying to achieve is this: you send a SMS subscribe keyword (preferably with name parameter after that) and playsms will add you to a group. You send a sms without keyword, playsms will send it to the list of subscribers. (preferably ONLY from number in the list of subscribers, something like sms message board).
(i have the part where any sms is resend to a phonebook group up and running.)

Thanks for your time and effort!

hello step! i would like to discuss with you this topic here