[solved] Auto forward SMS


It is possible if you send a SMS it will forward the same message to a group of cellphone numbers?

another question.
when i use
< and >
it is not appearing when i send the message.

You can forward to your phonebook group


Hi anton,
I didnt get your reply.

What i mean is,
if i send SMS to playSMS number. it will auto forward the message to a certain number/group of people.
(my objective is to send an SMS to a single number then it will also forward it to my group)


yes, you can do that:

  1. create a group in phonebook, for example the group code is ABC

  2. set your mobile phone number in your User preferences to your cellphone number

  3. send from cellphone number something including #groupcode, for example this message:

    • Hi member of #ABC be nice to each other while you’re in the conference room


Thanks. It is now working.

Follow up question regarding this.

it seem that i can only send message with group code if my number is in the phonebook.

if i send SMS with other numbers with group code, it doesn’t auto forward to the group.

Of course, otherwise everyone can broadcast


i’ve checked that a number must have an account to use the #group

it is possible that any number can SMS with #group ?

No, its not possible