How to create a group / How to send SMS to whole group

I’ve installed playSMS with smstools and all working fine.

Now I have some questions about some settings. I’ve read the dokumentation but theres nothing explained how to configure users and groups or sending bulk sms to groups.

My questions are:

  1. How to create a group. I can’t find a menu item named group in settings.
  2. What is the ACL (I know it means access control list). Is this an equivalent to groups (because i found no item named groups). How to use it.
  3. If i’ve created a group how to add a user to a group
  4. If i want to send an sms to multiple user how do i do that.
  5. I need more Explanation what is the sense of subusers. If i send a sms to a user is it also send to its subusers.

Can u please answer my question with a concrete example of use.

Thank you very much.


  1. To create a group of phone numbers you need to access Phonebook, theres group in phonebook
  2. ACL is to limit access to certain menus for certain users, for example user A cannot have access to SMS board then admin create an ACL without access to SMS board and set user A to use that ACL
  3. Where do you create that group ? phonebook ? if its from phonebook you can only add numbers not users
  4. just type in compose message, use comma to separate, or use #<groupcode> to send to that group (phonebook)
  5. subusers is a user controlled by a user, user can create subusers, each account has their own login, so, no, if you send sms to a user then the sms will only be sent to that user


Thank you for your immediate answer. This was very helpful.

Another Question:

Is a phonebook only available for one user or can I transfer it to other users?

phonebook currently only available for each user


Phonebook cannot be transferred to other users.
But if some numbers in your phonebook are part of a particular group and that group’s visibility is set to ‘anyone’ then all users in playsms can see all numbers in those groups while they compose message and access the phonebook.

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Thank you for your help. Problem is solved.