[solved] Feature Request - Phonebook & Organize Messages

Hi Anton,

Hopefully, this is ok to put out a feature request, and this is an ok place to place it.

It would be helpful if a user could attach a name to a number. Currently, the user has to have admin privileges in order to be able to create a phonebook.

Once there are names attached to the numbers, it would nice to be able to group messages from the user so they would appear as conversations

What do you mean by need to have admin privileges to create a phonebook ?

I’m logged in as normal user and I can create a group in phonebook and add contact:

And then the user can search by contact name when composing SMS:


Ok, I’m not getting that at all, cant see anywhere that a phonebook or group can be created in the user profile. Only see it when logged in as admin. Is there something that needs to be enabled inthe admin area? I have looked through there but dont notice any…

did you install playSMS yourself ? is there any customization ? or maybe the way you create your user ? how did you create a normal user ? there are ways to hide phonebook menu, for example the ACL option:

If you create user with ACL named BROADCAST then the user will have limited menus, including not having a phonebook


OK thanks Anton, changing the ACL to default fixed the issue, was set to broadcast.

No I did not set up playsms myself. I attempted on both Centos and Ubuntu but kept on failing before I could get it completed so I found someone to do it for me. This was before I found your forum.

Now you fixed my phonebook issue, is there a way to sort the messages into a conversation style view?

No conversation style, you have to customize it yourself, or create a new plugin for that. Its not easy to do.


ok, thank you for the replies, and of course PlaySMS!

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