Missing messages?

Greetings. Been using playsmsd for a few years. Love the project. I have come across a problem that I need help with please. Using ver. 1.3.1.

When I send to groups, #ADM for example, I seem to be sending to only one group when I tell it to sent to 2 groups.

For example, when I enter #ADM and #STDS, playsms seems to be only sending to #STDS (it doesn’t send to #ADM).

I am a member of the #ADM group. I have not received messages the last 2 times that I have sent sms messages to my groups.

I cannot find anywhere in the logs that would help me troubleshoot this problem.

I have missing messages. I cannot find them in playsms.log.

Are they not being sent?

My database has 2408 phone numbers.

Nexmo.com support response bellow:

I have checked your account activities and found that we have received 1850 API requests only. The 4 extra messages sent are due to opt-out messages being sent.

Could you please check if you are submitting a total of 2408 API requests?

can you try to upgrade to 1.4.1-beta3 and try again ? (please backup first)
and also make sure you have loglevel set to 3 from config.php


Thanks Anton. I’ll upgrade and report back soon.

Greetings Anton! I have upgraded my version of playsms to playSMS-1.4-beta3.tar. I can now send to my two groups successfully.

I sent an emergency message this morning and did not receive it to one of my cell phone numbers. I searched the playsms.log file and cannot find the phone number in question. Where can I search to find out why I did not receive the message? I don’t have any other log files to search. I have the cell phone number in the address book but I did not receive the message from this morning.

How can I continue to troubleshoot? I am sure that other numbers are also not being delivered. Why is it missing delivery? How can I continue to troubleshoot?

Anton, I am definitely missing txt messages from my address book that are not being received. Could it be a problem with playsms not communication with mysqld? Should I be looking at mysqld error logs?

I use Playsms at a school for emergencies and MUST have confidence in the system that we use. If I don’t have confidence in Playsms, I must use a different system. We love playsms and have been using it for quite some time but am having problems trusting that it is sending to all of my numbers.

I have 2 cell phones. I added one cell phone to one group. I added my second cell phone to the second group. During my latest alert message, I only received the txt message on one cell phone.

I then looked at playsms.log and did not even see my second phone number in the log.

I think that from now on, I will leave my loglevel set to 3 from config.php from now on so that I can have as much logs as possible. (EDIT: MY LOG LEVE IS ALREADY SET AT 3).

Maybe there is a problem with playsms communicating with mysqld? I hope that I can find a solution.

Greetings Anton and fellow playsms users. Once again I sent out an emergency sms text message to our entire phonebook using #STD and #ADM and once again many of our users did NOT receive the message. I looked at playsmslog and did not find the missing numbers. Why is it not sending to all of our numbers. It is not sending to all numbers in the phonebook. I am using playSMS-1.4-beta3.tar. Messages to my users are not being delivered. I have two phones. One received the message, the other did not receive the message. Many of my coworkers also reported that they did NOT receive the message. Anton, please help. My phonebook has 3096 phone numbers. I am using Nexmo.


Please help. Any recommendations, tips, or suggestions? I continue to send out to ALL numbers on my list but unfortunately, continue to have missing messages.