Messages are not delivering

messages are not delivering. MYsql showing datetimeupdate timestamp as 000-000(same timestamp messages are getting dropped).Delivered messages showing time stamp as deliver time like, 27/05/2017 12:32:34. messages getting in queue. what may be the probelm???

what i could relate is that your messages are not moving from table
outgoingqueue to outgoing queue dst and then to playsms outgoing sms
table. right?
which it should do as per playsmsd process and code.
sendsmsd actuallly doesn’t complete the send process due to some bug. idk…
i faced the same issue i cleared any pending queue from db and now it works fine
thought i could not come to coclusion on why it happened.???

I saw this happening when I had queues without dst, playsmsd entered on loop, trying to send, and this prevented the next queues been dealt.