Not able to create user in playSMS

I just installed playSMS and Kannel and no errors appear in the log files, services are running.
When I log into playSMS webUi and try to create new User (In Settings/Manage Account/Add User account ) after populating all fields and hitting Save , I get popup saying “Failed to create User”…
Please advise what might be the cause and which logs to check for clues of this problem …may be there is some permissions issue in SQL or …
Thank you in advance !!


I had the same issue under PHP 7.2. Downgraded to PHP 7.0 and set the timezone in the php.ini for cli and apache and it worked. When creating the user, I see the problem when language is empty, but when downgrnding PHP to 7.0 it worked for me.
I trie to fix it under PHP 7.2 but no luck.
Good luck…

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