Cant register new account

on playsms am getting error when creating new account , the message is " Fail to register an account " , everything was working fine on playsms 1.4.3 what i does is i applied the import playsms-upgrade_1.4.3_to_1.4.4.sql then updated all the files.

Its a development version, I work on it today and it has alot of changes.

When do you install it ? If I were you I would backup the current database, and then clone the current master version and do re-install (it will replace files and folders, and also insert empty initial database).

Then you make sure 1.4.4-alpha1 works.

After that you re-insert your backup database. See what happen from here.


this is exactly what i does

Alright, check your tblUser, it has to have password and salt field.


yes it have both , but i notice that salt is always empty is that normal?

Yes, its normal. Previously I’ll be using salt, but then I chose to use password_hash(), salt field unused (but it will still be there).

Let me test, Im on my virtualbox test now, tell me what do you do to reproduce the error, Ill try to follow it.


what is strenge also its that i canot select a languge under active language when creating a new user, to reproduce its a basic upgrade from 1.4.3 to alpha

So you basically just add account from Manage account and it failed to register.


yes thats it nothing else

even registering from main visitors page didnt work

Hmm, my installation works just fine:

I see this after I hit Save:

And here is the log: 2020-11-24 16:15:53 PID5fbd31b916687 admin L3 user_add # attempt to register status:3 u:user1 email:user1@localhost.localdomain 2020-11-24 16:15:53 PID5fbd31b916687 admin L2 credit_hook_rate_addusercredit # amount cannot be zero. amount:[0] 2020-11-24 16:15:53 PID5fbd31b916687 admin L2 user_add # registered status:3 u:user1 uid:2 email:user1@localhost.localdomain ip: mobile: credit: 2020-11-24 16:15:53 PID5fbd31b916687 admin L2 sendmail # start to:user1@localhost.localdomain subject:New account registration 2020-11-24 16:15:53 PID5fbd31b916687 admin L2 sendmail # sent to:user1@localhost.localdomain subject:New account registration

Check your logs, see what happened.


nothing simmilar to your in my log , file is too big

Do this on console just before test (of course point to your own playsms.log):

tail -f log/playsms.log -n0 | tee test1.txt

And then register an account. You will get like 4 5 new lines, and you can see them in test1.txt too.


Just to make sure, you can re-install it with the latest commit (git pull)


nothing related to registration on the log !!

Fail to register message came from here:

Its because playSMS cannot insert to db table, to tblUser.

On my test server, on VirtualBox, its working just fine, with the latest master version.

Since you can reinstall, then I suggest to remove old installation and re-install from the latest master version, from github (git pull, now). Also make sure your database is empty.

Make sure your installation works.

Only after you know its working then you can start replacing the database with old database from 1.4.3, then upgrade the db.


i will try that now , thank you

now getting , " FATAL ERROR : Unable to find composer files Please run composer.phar update ", on home page

if you still want to continue using dev version, edit install.conf.dist and rename it to install.conf, then run

make sure what’s configured in install.conf are correct before running

composer, copying files, db setups will be automatically handled by

I suggest to test it in virtualbox, so you know how installation works

this is exactly what i does , after that i got the error , i am needing this dev version cause of the need to clean the database every 24h wich mean delete outgoing sms table , the version 1.4.3 make the ballance of users return to initial state